01/03/2018: Direct weekend flight to Norway

goTO Nordics launches direct flights from Kalmar to Norway

Last year, goTO Nordics launched its first flight to the Norwegian city of Haugesund from Kalmar Öland Airport and we are now returning with the same flight again this year. People from the Kalmar region will once again get the opportunity to visit the stunning Norwegian mountains and fjords.  We will also be welcoming a group of Norwegian visitors  to see the Kalmar and the Öland region.

"We can clearly see that different weekend trips are increasing in interest from Kalmar Öland Airport. By 2018, we will have launched our own direct flights to Riga, and now also to Haugesund, and more destinations are coming soon. In addition, we will launch package tours with our flight partner SAS, such as Dog sledding weekend in Lapland, Personal Shopper in Stockholm and a Midnight Marathon in Skellefteå' says Olle Fält, CEO of goTO Nordics.

"It is exciting to follow the development of new trips launched through goTO Nordics. Kalmar Öland Airport's strategy is clear, we will work for a wide range of trips that appeal to the region's inhabitants while actively helping to increase the number of visitors visiting our region. goTO Nordics, one of the players who can help this strategy be successful," says Ronny Lindberg, CEO of Kalmar Öland Airport.

For more information contact:
Olle Fält, CEO, goTO Nordics AB, phone +46-70-5582650
Ronny Lindberg, CEO, Kalmar Öland Airport, on telephone +46-76-1269473
More information is also available at http://www.gotonordics.com

About goTO Nordics

goTO Nordics is a tour operator specliased in the development of tourism to AND from regions in Nordics countries. We operate our own ad hoc charter flights offering customers who wish to visit Nordic markets truly unique travel experiences. And customers travelling out from the Nordics can hop on direct flights to interesting European destinations. We are constantly seeking new airport and regions to work with, so get in touch if you would like to become part of the goTO Nordics network.      

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