08/03/2019: goTO Nordics now flying from 4 Swedish airports

goTO Nordics launches first ever direct flights from Ängleholm to Paris  

Tom Shearer, from goTO Nordics said, 'we are delighted to announce the first ever direct flights from Ängleholm to Paris. Hop on board our Friday evening flight and arrive in the centre of Paris for an evening of fine dining in Europe's top city destination. You can cruise on the river Seine, climb the steps of the Eiffel Tower and so much more. goTO Nordics will look after your every need.

This latest launch is part of the continued expansion of the goTO Nordics network and we are now flying from 4 airports in Sweden, with Ängelholm joining the existing goTO network of Skellefteå, Kalmar and Karlstad. And goTO Nordics is committed to growing its network to new and unique tourism destinations all over Europe.’   

About goTO Nordics

goTO Nordics is a tour operator specialising in the development of tourism to AND from regions in Nordic countries. We operate our own ad hoc charter flights offering customers who wish to visit Nordic markets truly unique travel experiences. And customers travelling out from the Nordics can hop on direct flights to interesting European destinations. We are constantly seeking new airport and regions to work with, so get in touch if you would like to become part of the goTO Nordics network.      


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