There is so much to experience in Småland and Öland- all year round. World class concerts, shows and theatre performances are going on all the time. And there are ample restaurants and bars and the cultural atmosphere created the traditions of the Hanseatic League frames what is a beautiful and inspiring city.

The Royal Kronan is a ship that sank off the coast of Kalmar 300 years ago - but has only recently been discovered. The exhibition at the Kalmar County Museum is world class showing a great variety of findings from the wreck. And then there is the magical island of Öland, just 10km from Kalmar, with curling, long sandy beaches and many hours of sunshine. 

In the Kingdom of Crystal (Glasriket) handblown glass has been made since 1742. Together with the glassblowers, designers continuously stretch the possibilities of glass, and many glassblowing techniques have been developed through experimentation in the Småland blowing rooms. As a visitor you will encounter today both everyday glass and art glass of world-class quality, and you are welcome to step up to the glass furnaces to see it being created!

The Island of Öland has the Solliden castle that is the Swedish royal family’s summer residence which they visit as often as they can. Close by you also find the magnificent ruin of the Borgholm Castle. The palace and the castle is open for visitors during the entire summer season. The agricultural landscape of Southern Öland has been announced a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Öland also offers a lot of hiking trails - longer ones and shorter ones. They give you the opportunity to see unique views.

Kalmar - 800 years of culture

Kalmar has the all the trappings of a big city, but also the charm and relaxation of a small one. You can will experience parks, meadows, oceans, cobbled streets, shops and cafes. You can also experience more than 800 years of culture. Visit the original Kalmar castle and take part in a medieval banquet or visit the incredible Kalmar City Museum. K...Read more

Golf Ekerum Íland

Ekerum Resort Öland is one of Sweden's most acclaimed golf resorts, in a beautifully island landscape with the glitter of the sea as a scene, only eighteen minutes from Kalmar Öland Airport. It is a complete resort with spacious hotel rooms and activities all year round. The package - Returnflights to Kalmar Öland Airport - Transfer T / R Kalmar...Read more

Spaweekend Íland

The trip where you can recharge your batteries in a genuine, island nature reserve. Visit the Ekerum hotel for top class accommodation and food. At the Spa, enjoy a range of quality treatments. Or if you just want a refreshing walk along the seashore or in the forest, just open the door and step right out.Read more