Kalmar - 800 years of culture

Kalmar has the all the trappings of a big city, but also the charm and relaxation of a small one. You can will experience parks, meadows, oceans, cobbled streets, shops and cafes. You can also experience more than 800 years of culture. Visit the original Kalmar castle and take part in a medieval banquet or visit the incredible Kalmar City Museum. Kalmar is also one of the most attractive cities when it comes to events. Throughout the year there are various events and activities around the city. Concerts, exhibitions, theater performances and sports events - Kalmar has something for everyone. Keep reading for more information:

You will stay in the Calmar Stadshotell and from here you can experience Kalmar's cultural treasures in close vicinity to the hotel. After a delicious breakfast buffet, take a short walk through the beautiful old brick buildings whose facade dominates Kalmar Port and the Kalmar Museum. You will have a guided tour at the museum including the world unique exhibition of the ancient ship Kronan, which sank of the coast of Kalmar 350 years ago, but whose cargo is still being excavated today. You are also invited to a lunch created by local ingredients and inspired from the time the Kronan proudly sailed on the Baltic Seas. The rest of day you can stroll inside the ancient city walls surrounding Kalmar City and continue to unlock the old and authentic atmosphere of the old town, which dates back to the Hanseatic period. Again, you can choose a simple evening meal at the hotel or dine at one of Kalmar's fantastic restaurants.

On the second morning, simply cross the street for a visit to Kalmar Castle. The castle is in perfect condition, showcasing its long 800-year history. It's a wonderful and authentic experience, where you can visit the dark cells of an old women's prison, reminiscent of a dark and bygone era. If time allows, the neighbouring Kalmar Art Museum is close by, where you can acquire further knowledge of Swedish culture.  

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