Treasure a conference

Have your conference in an environment that inspires to new deeds! We can offer an experience beyond the usual. Lars Einarsson, project leader and diver for the Kronan ship project since 1983, guides you into the fascinating fate and history of the Kronan. Take a seat and prepare for an exciting journey in time and space along with good food and drinks. The marine archaeological investigations of the royal ship Kronan hold an unofficial world record in its class. For more than 35 years, the investigations of the wreck have been ongoing throughout the Kalmar County Museum.

Example of a programe

You arrive at Kalmar Öland Airport where a transfer is waiting to to take you to a trip to Ängöl Beer Brewery. At site you have the opportunity to get acquainted with the art of beer brewing and of course the opportunity to indulge the noble drinks together with local delicacies. After completion of the acquisition, the journey continues to the Calmar STadshotell for accommodation. A short walk later you are in the old beautiful brick building that houses the Kalmar County Museum. When the drink is served you are surrounded by completely unique bronze cannons from the ship Kronan. Lars Einarsson, an authority in marine science, introduces the Kronanas a top-class scientific project. After the drink and introduction, the group is divided into two groups (depending on size) where one group goes to the lab and the other group gets an exciting guided tour by Lars Einarsson in the exhibition about Kronan. The group going to the lab will get to know the unique "raw material" from the wreck that has been harvested at 26 meters deept on the bottom of the Baltic Sea. As a guest, you will get to know all that the material can reveal, before the items are finished and placed in the showcases in the exhibition where everyone can see them. The raw material is presented by the museum's conservators. After that, the groups change their place with each other before it's time for dinner. We end the visit with a taste experience from the local Småland cultural heritage, and touch of the Kronan will also be appreciated.
Duration of activity including welcome drink: 1.5 hours
Dinner: 2 hours
Start time: 18:00
End time: 21:30
The dinner includes appetizer, main course and dessert, as well as a "historic" appetizer. Beer wine and spirits can be bought at the restaurant. Of course, non-alcoholic options are also served.
Own arranged conference in Kalmar County Museum's modern conference room. 
Warmly welcome to an experience beyond the usual.
Number of guests: Max 30, Min 15

The package includes
Returnflights to Kalmar Öland Airport
accomandation at Calmar Stadhotell (or equivalent depending on occupancy)
Transfer to and from Ängöl Beer Brewery
Tasting and guided tour at Ängöl Beer Brewery
Welcome drink Kronan
Three course dinner (excluding drinks)
"Behind the scenes on the crown" guide
Access to conference rooms in Kalmar County Museum's premises including lunch and coffee.

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