Visit Sami Culture

This is an exclusive, once in a lifetime, experience with limited places available. This is the one of the few chances you will have to truly immerse yourself in the daily lives of the Sami people and their unique and ancient culture. Sleeping in traditional Sami teepees, eating local food at the table of local Sami people – everything that this experience offers is real and very traditional. Experience traditions, customs and foods that have stayed the same for centuries.

The package

• Return flights
• Transfers
• 3 night’s accommodation, full board
• Guided walks, tours, fishing, canoeing, crafts

In a road-less land, in the foot of the mountains, rests the Sami Ecolodge of Geunja. You will only find your way there in a boat, canoe or by foot. This is a place where the family Vinka has lived for centuries. At Geunja, you will be a part of a traditional and sustainable lifestyle and you will experience a once in a life time intimacy with nature and Sami culture. For the sake of preservation to the surrounding nature and wildlife, Geunja only welcomes twelve groups of guests a year. As a guest at Geunja Sami Ecolodge and in the home of the Vinka family, you will be a part of the conservation of nature and culture. Mikael Vinka will be your host and guide. He is deeply rooted in the Sami culture and has an incomparable an in-depth knowledge of the surrounding nature, including hunting, fishing and reindeer farming. He can tell you about the smallest plant to the colours of the sky. You should travel to Geunja with an open mind and allow the experience to show you a richer lifestyle that you have never before experienced. You will be living without electricity - without missing it - and tasting the pantry of the surrounding forests and lakes: char, reindeer, moose, cloudberries and chanterelles. You will eat your meals at the welcoming Vinka family table, sitting in the main timbered building warmed by the fire and the handcrafted wood.

There are different options for accommodation, one just as magical as the other. Imagine yourself surrounded by the fresh fragrance of dwarf birch, lying on a reindeer hide and gently soothed by the crackling of the fire, this is the Sami teepee experience. Or you can chose to settle in between bed sheets in a timber lodge, illuminated by the orange glow of a kerosene lamp. 

Sample Itinierary
Day 1 

• Boat transport to Geunja Sami Ecolodge followed by a welcome drink and a guided tour of Geunja Sami Ecolodge
• Dinner with local food in the Sami goathie (a wooden Sami teepee)
• After dinner possibility for a 2-hour guided boat trip into the beautiful river delta with unique bird and animal life and of course - basking under the midnight sun.
• Overnight in shared Sami Ecolodge with comfortable beds OR possibility to sleep in a Sami goathie on a bed of reindeer skins using a sleeping bag

Day 2
• Full board including breakfast, light lunch and 2-course dinner of local food
• A full day of nature & Sami culture. Walk in the forest of mountain birch trees. Learn about different medicinal and edible plants. In the afternoon, traditional crafts and storytelling
• Overnight, see day 1 for options
• Possibility to go night fishing or canoeing on your own

Day 3 
• Full board including breakfast, light lunch and 3-course dinner of local food
• Enjoying more nature and wildlife. Hiking tour to see arctic fox, visit a den and hopefully see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. A breathtaking view awaits on the mountain top
• Back to Geunja for wood-fired sauna (including cool drink and Sami snacks)
• Overnight, see day 1 for options

Day 4 
• Early breakfast or a breakfast package to take with you
• 5:00 AM boat transport back to the starting point

What’s Included?
• Return flights to Skellefteå
• Transfer to and from the airport
• 3 night’s accommodation, full board
• Minimum of 2 persons, maximum of 10 persons

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