Welcome to Skellefteå!

Skellefteå is the airport destination where you will arrive when you fly from Amsterdam, read more about Skellefteå below.

"An important part of summer in Skellefteå is water. Wild, wonderful waters. Because we have more than 1 500 lakes, 5 rivers, a wealth of mires and small brooks and a 300 kilometre coastline. 

So, in summer we fish for perch from old wooden boats and for pike from sturdy motorboats. We go fly fishing in proud, flowing rivers, for salmon, trout or grayling. And we swim. Oh, how we swim. Sometimes in the middle of the day with the sun at its zenith, sometimes just dipping our toes in from a pier and sometimes an evening swim just as the sun has sunk behind the treetops, leaving a soft and dusky light. And we love getting soaked in a fresh summer rain, or hearing its rhytmich tapping against a metal roof. We love sitting in an open-air restaurant in the city centre, with the beautiful, mirror-like surface of the Skellefte River as a backdrop. And we love the view from the outer rim of the archipelago, where the sky meets the sea and the mind is set free. 

But we do a lot more than that, of course. We dance as if nobody is watching during groovy music festivals, we tell stories and we fall in love with local, small-scale production. We get bitten by mosquitoes on cloudberry-covered mires, we get excited when art and culture inspire us to think new thoughts. Bigger thoughts. And every now and then we do something we didn't really think we had the nerve to do, just to feel the amazig thrill. But most of all we love the fact that this is our summer - our wild, wonderful waters - and that you are warmly welcomed to share all of this with us. " 
From Skellefteå's summer brochure 2017.

For more information about Skellefteå and what to do, go to Visit Skellefteå's website.